Evening Reception Payment Form

To make your payment for the evening reception, please fill in the folllowing payment form and choose the payment option (Visa/MasterCard or international bank transfer). Make sure to tick the payment option box for the reception.
- Credit card: if you choose the credit card option, you will be directed to a secure payment platform provided by the E-Commerce Payment Gateway. There will be a separate window asking you to fill in additional details if you are paying for someone else - if you are paying for yourself, just leave this blank.
- Bank transfer: if you select this option, you will be provided a link to a document which has all the necessary bank details to make your bank transfer at your local bank or via online banking. To be clear: you will not be redirected to any online banking platform. Make sure to include the field 'Description', as provided in this document, in you transfer details, so the university fincance office can register your payment. If by chance your banking system does not allow long descriptions, use this format: The Why Linguistics Conference, Your_Last_Name.
Please make sure to proceed with your payment before the 24th of April so that we can make the necessary arrangements for the event!