Travel & Accommodation

The venue 
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The conference takes place in the building of the Philosophy department, at Jakobi 2, Tartu. When you are coming from the direction of the town center, the closest entrance is that between the Ülikooli 16 and Jakobi 2 buildings. This way, you will end up in the lobby of the Jakobi building, where the registration and coffee breaks take place. Click on the map to take a closer look. The reception takes place at Liivi 2, Tartu.

Traveling to Tartu
  • General guidelines from the Tartu Tourist Information
  • The fastest option is to take a flight to Tallinn and the hourly bus or train to Tartu, or a direct flight to Tartu
  • Tallinn also has ship connections to Stockholm and Helsinki
  • Tartu also has train and bus connections to the neighboring countries, and bus connections with a number of cities in Europe.
  • Residents of EU, EEA, Schengen and Schengen-affiliated countries do not need a visa to enter Estonia for a short stay. If you are coming from elsewhere (e.g., the Russian Federation), we can send you an official invitation that should make getting a visa easier. Note that invitations can only be sent, without exception, to participants whose abstracts have been accepted and who will be giving a talk at the conference.
Accommodation in Tartu
Things to do after and besides the conference
Some things that might be good to know
  • The currency of Estonia is the Euro. 
  • Almost all service providers, including shops, bars, restaurants and hotels accept credit/debit card payments. ATMs are easy to find (look for a Swedbank or SEB sign), especially in city centers.
  • Most important places are in a walking distance in Tartu
  • The conference venue at the university, most central coffee shops, places of accommodation, and the hourly Tartu-Tallinn buses have free WiFi available.
  • Tap water is OK to drink pretty much everywhere in Estonia.
  • The weather in the beginning of May can be very nice in Tartu, with sunshine and around +10 to +15 degrees, but sudden rains and near zero temperatures are no exception either (no snow though... at least usually).